Department of Ecology

We are a group of ecologists interested in understanding factors affecting living organisms in a rapidly changing world. Our research yields significant results that enable comprehensive understanding of the impact of global change on the ecological processes affecting organisms living in the Anthropocene. Our background includes behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology, metapopulation theory, landscape ecology, and ecosystem service.

Questions considered in our projects concern environmental factors acting at the level of organisms (such as pollution and stressors), communities (invasive species and coexistence), landscape (habitat fragmentation and microhabitat characteristics) and the globe (climate change). The group’s studies cover a broad range of organisms including invertebrates (bees, butterflies, flies, antlions and ants) and vertebrates (bats, birds and rodents). conduct work in the field (Poland, Sweden’s Gotland island, the Carpathians and the Balkans) and in the laboratory. We use a variety of techniques in our research, including experimental manipulation, molecular biology techniques, bioacoustics recordings and analysis, advanced statistical methods, GIS techniques, and comparative methods. For more details on past and ongoing research, visit the group members websites