Gender Equality Plan for the Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals Polish Academy of Sciences for 2022 – 2027

The development of science consists not only of innovative research, modern apparatus or international publication coverage. At its core, it should always be human beings. The European Union's policy on gender equality, obliges public and scientific institutions to create and adhere to a Gender Equality Plan (GEP).

The Gender Equality Plan, developed for the Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ISEA PAS), aims to pay special attention to counteracting discrimination based on gender, origin, religion, race, disability or sexual orientation. The document gives tools to create a work environment that allows equal opportunities for professional development, while not derailing private life.

In preparation for the creation of the GEP at ISEA PAS, an internal analysis was conducted covering five areas:

The results obtained made it possible to develop the basic objectives on which the current activities.


Objective 1: Promote a work environment at ISEA PAS that facilitates work-life balance.
Objective 2: To improve and enhance the conditions for the development of scientific careers of women and men at ISEA PAS.
Objective 3: Promote gender equality and diversity in recruitment processes at ISEA PAS.
Objective 4: Promote gender equality and diversity of society among employees. ISEA PAS.

The effects of the implementation of the above goals will be presented in (annual) reports on the progress of implementation of the assumptions of the Gender Equality Plan at ISEA PAS for 2022 – 2027, based on the results of surveys conducted among Employees and Doctoral Students of ISEA PAS.

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