The Laboratory of Molecular Techniques

The Laboratory of Molecular Techniques provides a general platform within the field of molecular research for scientists and Ph.D. students of all ISEA PAS units.

Our Laboratory offers the possibility to perform analyses such as extraction and evaluation of the quantity and quality of DNA and RNA; DNA amplification by polymerase chain reaction (PCR); DNA sequencing by Sanger method; fragment length analysis by capillary electrophoresis; DNA cloning in biological vectors; preparation of libraries of amplicons and genomic DNA for next-generation sequencing (NGS).


  • ABI 3130xl sequencer
  • 5 thermocyclers: PTC-200 MJ Research, Eppendorf Mastercycler Pro, Eppendorf Mastercycler ProS, SensoQuest Labcycler, Biometra TPersonal
  • 7 centrifuges: Eppendorf 5804 with rotor and deepwell plate centrifuge adaptors, Eppendorf 5430 with plate centrifuge adaptor, Eppendorf 5415D and 5424 with rotor for 24 1.5-2ml tubes and centrifuges with cooling: Eppendorf 5415R and 5424R with 24 tube rotor for 1.5-2ml tubes, Eppendorf 7502R with Swing-Bucket rotor for 15 and 50ml tubes
  • Spectrophotometer Nanodrop ND-1000
  • 8 electrophoresis devices on agarose gels
  • Gel archiving system: transilluminator connected to a digital camera and to computer
  • Shaker with GFL incubator
  • Scotsman AF100 ice machine
  • 3 laminar chambers
  • Autoclave
  • CL-1000 Ultraviolet Crosslinker UVP
  • Biosan Thermomixer
  • 2 dry heating blocks
  • 3 water baths
  • Elga Purelab Flex water treatment unit 2
  • Eppendorf Concentrator plus