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Institute of Systematics & Evolution of Animals

Last Update: 10 September, 2013

Prof. dr hab.
Ewa Przyboś

Phone: (+48 12) 422 70 06 ext. 47
e-mail: przybos@isez.pan.krakow.pl
Department of Experimental Zoology

Principal Research Interests

• Faunistics, genetics, speciation of the Paramecium aurelia species complex (Ciliophora, Protozoa), genetic differentiation of morphological species of Paramecium genus.

Current Research Projects

• Distribution of species of the Paramecium aurelia complex in the World.
• Genetic analysis of the Paramecium aurelia species complex by classical and molecular methods.
• Genetic polymorphism of P. calkinsi, P. bursaria, P. multimicronucleatum and P. jenningsi by molecular methods, and relationships of species within Paramecium genus.

Selected publications

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